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I am a stone carver, sculptor and designer and have been fortunate to have worked on many of England’s most famous stone buildings. I am experienced in realising large-scale architectural stone carving projects, from the design stage, which generally involves the production of drawings and models, through to the carving process and finally to installation.

My website covers the work I have been involved with over my entire career, from the early days as a self-employed carver, sharing a workshop in a railway arch behind King’s Cross station, through the ten years as Head Carver at Rattee and Kett in Cambridge, and latterly as Head Carver and Director of Fairhaven and Woods Ltd., also in Cambridge.

As head of a carving workshop which has sometimes swelled to 12 full-timers, at other times shrunk to just myself only, I continue as an active artist craftsman carving and installing work designed by myself.

Some of the work shown may have been carved by a colleague but under my direction or design, in which case they are credited with the photo. Otherwise, all the work shown is my own.

My career in stone carving started late. Following three years studying Art History at Manchester University (specialising in medieval architectural history) I moved to London after graduation with no clear idea of how my career would develop. Unemployed, I attended the John Cass School of Art part-time and then fortunately discovered the City and Guilds of London Art School, where a school friend from my home town of Canterbury was studying. My visit to the stone yard there was a revelation and my professional life has flowed out from this.

I am happy to report that I still experience the same enthusiasm and excitement about the work as when I first set hammer and chisel to stone over 30 years ago.

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