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Drawings for Masonry

Masonry setting-out and drawing can be a demanding and stimulating occupation, requiring a knowledge of masonry techniques on the banker and on site from the practitioner. In the Restoration field it can also involve the skills of a detective and a historian which  is an aspect of the work that makes it doubly interesting. This collection of photographs is of projects which I drew up and particularly enjoyed.

Masonry Drawings

[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/masonry-drawings/thumbs/thumbs_md01.jpg]00West Dereham Church, Norfolk. Tracery windows
Two clunch windows on the north side of the nave needed serious attention as they were no longer structurally sound. They were produced in Clunch, a chalk-like stone commonly used in the East of England in the medieval period.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/masonry-drawings/thumbs/thumbs_md02.jpg]00
The setting out table in the drawing office, where the site survey is combined with measurements taken from the salvaged stones into full-size templates.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/masonry-drawings/thumbs/thumbs_md03.jpg]00
Some of the completed stones have a remarkably sculptural quality when seen in isolation.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/masonry-drawings/thumbs/thumbs_md04.jpg]00
The two restored windows completed, along with renewed buttress copings. The windows may look identical, but in fact are different widths
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/masonry-drawings/thumbs/thumbs_md05.jpg]00Private estate, Hertfordshire
This contract involved the renewal of the top three courses of the dome. Square in plan externally with horizontal joints, and cicular internally with radiating joints. The geometry required in the setting out was a testing problem, immensely satisfying to complete.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/masonry-drawings/thumbs/thumbs_md06.jpg]00Private residence , Newmarket
A simple classical portico, this was the first independent structure I set out from an architect’s design.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/masonry-drawings/thumbs/thumbs_md07.jpg]00Friar’s Park, Oxfordshire
Replacement of a pierced parapet in Bath Stone, with pointing incomplete.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/masonry-drawings/thumbs/thumbs_md08.jpg]00Private residence, Suffolk
The setting out of the stone quoins, cornice, copings and portico of a remodeled private residence.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/masonry-drawings/thumbs/thumbs_md09.jpg]00
Portico and steps.
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