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Atlas Fountain, Kenilworth Castle

Atlas Fountain

[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p01.jpg]30
The Atlas Fountain.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p01a.jpg]20
Design drawing, by David Honour, derived from a contemporary description, and an existing fountain of comparable date in Friesach, Austria.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p02.jpg]20
At the marble yard in Carrara, with the two blocks selected for the work.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p03.jpg]10
Small scale sketch maquette at 1/3 life size produced for client approval before scaling up.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p04.jpg]10
Larger scale maquette, at 2/3 life size, cast in resin.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p05.jpg]10
The Atlas block, 'boasted' prior to carving, core-drilled to accommodate the waterworks, and set up with pointing equipment.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p06.jpg]10
Roughing out in progress, by Paul J. The marks made during pointing may be clearly seen.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p07.jpg]10
Model and statue in progress. Both elements were mounted on turntables and could also be moved around the studio.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p08.jpg]10
The statue nearly completed, carved by Paul J, ‘pointed’ from my model.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p09.jpg]10
Perseus and Andromeda panel, modelled full-size in clay, in 50mm relief.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p10.jpg]00
Europa and the Bull from the Renaissance design of Virgil Solis, 1563.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p11.jpg]00
Thetis panel, modelled full-size in clay, from the design adapted from a Renaissance original by Adriaen Collaert.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p12.jpg]00
Neptune panel, modelled full-size in clay, from the design adapted from a Renaissance print by Adriaen Collaert.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p13.jpg]00
John S. at work on the marble panel of Proteus, with his model behind.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p14.jpg]00
Completed panel of Proteus herding his sea-lions, carved and modelled by John S.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p15.jpg]00
Completed marble panel of Neptune, designed by David H, modelled by T.C, carved by Harry G. A workshop production in the spirit of the Renaissance.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p16.jpg]00
Completed marble panel of Triton, carved by Paul J.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p17.jpg]00
Installation of the fountain underway, by myself and Paul J.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p18.jpg]00
The installation of the Atlas figures, core-drilled to thread over the internal armature and fountain supply.
[img src=http://www.timcrawley.co.uk/wp-content/flagallery/atlas-fountain/thumbs/thumbs_p19.jpg]00
The Atlas Fountain completed.
Description of Project

The commission to carve and install a new marble fountain at Kenilworth Castle was part of a larger project by English Heritage to recreate an Elizabethan garden. The castle was given by the Queen to her favourite, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, in 1563. In 1575 he entertained her there with a party so extravagant that it nearly bankrupted him. It is possible the young Shakespeare was present, later incorporating certain events in A Midsummer Nights Dream.

The 19 day celebration, and the garden with the fountain at its centre, was described in a letter by Robert Langham. This document was the main source for the restoration, intended to enhance the experience of visitors to the site.

Atlas Fountain, Kenilworth Castle

Atlas Fountain, Kenilworth Castle

Category: Stone carving | New work

Date: 2008
Material: Carrara marble
Client: English Heritage
Contractor: Fairhaven and Woods

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