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Atlantic House, Holborn Viaduct, London

Description of Project

The building of Holborn Viaduct around 1900 was a major London project of the time. The cast iron and granite structure spanned the course of the Fleet River, now entirely underground. This glorious Victorian monument was decorated with high quality sculpture, and each of the four corners of the viaduct was provided with an elaborate pavilion housing a stairwell to provide pedestrian access between the two levels. These largely ornamental buildings were designed in an Early Gothic style with foliage carving and architectural sculpture and were built by Farmer and Brindley, on the foremost ornamental builders of the period.

During the Second World War the two pavilions on the north side were demolished after bomb damage. An office development on the north west corner in 1999 allowed for the reinstatement of the lost building, which was copied in great detail from those remaining.

Atlantic House

Atlantic House

Category: Stone carving | Restoration | Victorian Gothic

Date: 2000
Material: Portland Stone
Contractor: Fairhaven and Woods

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